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The initiative is already in use in Richmond, California, and pays criminals with a record of gun crime a monthly stipend if they go straight.And now it could be introduced in Stockton which has a crime rate that has been more than double the national average in recent years.Stockton – where 'hot felon' Jeremy Meeks led a life of crime before his mugshot gifted him a career in modelling – could introduce the program in the wake of a spate of murders.

He traveled from Turkey to Germany where he posted photographs on social media before returning to California.The photographs took the world by storm and Green at first fed the controversy.She posted a photograph of the pair on Instagram, telling followers they were grateful for the 'love and hate' but hastily deleted her entire account.Chloe Green has certainly been letting the world know she's dating model Jeremy Meeks; these two are popping up everywhere!Here they were spotted out on a lunch date and Chloe looked stunning in a knitted maxi dress.

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