Internet dating conclusion

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Today, popular sites include Ok Cupid, established in 2004, and the app Tinder, established in 2012.

Last summer, my friend circle talked about Ok Cupid quite a bit, and honestly I made fun of them for using it.

I did not see the validity in meeting someone a computer said you match “93%” with.

Finally, most of my close friends created profiles, and a few had some success, so I decided to give it a try. The site asks you to fill out your profile with your gender, your gender preference in a match, your age, height, body type, ethnicity, astrological sign and other details.

After adding a few selfies your profile is ready for the market.

Ok Cupid asserts, “Join the best free dating site on Earth! even says that the site is “pretty legit.” I have had an Ok Cupid account for about four months now.

Police and fraud investigation specialists continuously report cases of online dating frauds in which a perfect dating partner appears to be a fraudster who obtains substantial financial resources from his/her victim.

Results indicate that more than one-third of marriages in America now begin online. In addition, the study shows that marriages that started online, when compared with those that began through traditional offline venues, were slightly less likely to result in a marital breakup (separation or divorce) and were associated with slightly higher marital satisfaction among those respondents who remained married.I think the best outcome of this study was to show that 35% of marriages now begin online. Aditi Paul, a Ph D candidate at Michigan State, did a study this past year claiming quite the opposite, but ultimately differentiating people’s outcomes by their intentions.Her abstract says that previous studies, including the one I mentioned above, have primarily looked at marital relationships.Someone posed this question to me yesterday: Does online dating create more long-lasting relationships than the “real world” does?I pondered this for a second and decided to do some research. Since it is just about impossible to hold all else equal (the actual people, where they live, age, religion, personality, marriage history, etc.), it is difficult to conclude, One article detailing the results of a 2013 study by researchers at University of Chicago’s Department of Psychology and Harvard University’s Department of Epidemiology found that online dating leads to higher marriage satisfaction and thereby a lower divorce rate.

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