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Deandating powered by vbulletin

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Took up as Splik mentioned free christian internet dating service about.

Ron is dating Lavender and Harry is jealous of Dean dating Ginny. Although on the other side of the wall, Luna and Neville are very interested in each other although they won’t admit it to each other. ) Bio:- Name: Ginerva Weasly Nickname: Ginny House: Gryffindor Age: 15 Blood Status: Pureblood Personality - Ginny is a smart girl, extremely popular with guys. Ginny repeatedly likes to fight with her brother, Ron. That year when the Yule Ball was announced she thought of asking Dean but she didnt know what he would say and since no one had asked her till the end she agreed to go with Harry.

Draco Malfoy is Head Boy and Hermione Granger is Head Girl. Pansy starts to get jealous of how Draco is getting interested in Hermione that she thinks getting together with Goyle or Blaise will make Draco jealous. She has a secret crush on Harry, although dating Dean Thomas. But this time 2 years down the line she again has an opportunity for going to a Ball. Will she be able to go with him to the Ball this year? Hey waiting for the Rp to begin..i might not immedeatly start as soon as the rp begins coz i am in middle of my exams...nonetheless excited about this one... : No worries I'll put your name later on the list later, i have school now.

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When you've finished RP and would like for it to be saved in this subforum, please contact an RP moderator and ask him/her to move it here for you. though she and her best friend Lavender always talked about them but basically from that year on Parvati really started to notice them.

I) Guild là gì: Chúng ta có thể hiểu như đội hay 1 team mở rộng!!!

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II) Cách tạo lập guild: 1) Vị trí lập guild: _ Đầu tiên các bạn từ RPT đi tàu đến Vườn trên mây.1_Khi tới vườn trên mây các bạn vào chỗ cao nhất bên trái máp VTM.

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