Dating case pocket knives

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Dating case pocket knives

Collectors can date their knives by the type of stamp on the tang. By taking one dot off the stamp each year, Case knives can be dates by exact year. Case knives are also stamped with a number that indicates the handle material, number of blades and pattern number.Early stamps can date a knife as made before 1915 or another stamp was used until 1920. For instance on a blade stamped 8254 the 8 is a genuine pearl handle, the 2 is two blades and the 54 pattern is a “Trapper”.Despite the enduring legacy of a brand commonly associated with quality and dependability, Old Timer has been on a long, winding road with many obstacles along the way.In this article, we'll talk about the storied history of Old Timers, give you a quick breakdown of some of the most important Old Timers ever made, and offer up a comparison chart.

Here’s a bit of the history behind the iconic knife.Also, this is my opinion and the facts are from my understanding; if someone challenges me I will abandon them completely ; Great Eastern Cutlery : The new guys on the block The newcomer to the collectible pocket knife industry in general, and American cutlery companies more specifically, is Great Eastern Cutlery.In 2006 Bill Howard left Queen Cutlery and found himself interested in starting his own cutlery company.The oldest pocket knife (or “jackknife”) ever discovered dates back to around 600-500 BC.It was unearthed in Hallstatt, Austria, and it features a single blade with a bone handle.

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Romans were the next group to really use the pocket knife as a tool.