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Official Website Tel Aviv Guide Calendar of events, and a full list of the city’s bars, restaurants, cruising area, fitness centers and other hot spots. Tel Aviv Gay Vibe also features links to purchase tickets for the biggest parties in advance, and also- under “meet locals” gives a link to “Atraf Dating” – the local version of “Grindr” mobile app.Discover Tel Aviv The website offers some travel tips in the city that never sleeps: Places you must see, gay city tour, information on the next gay pride and also a special section for girls only.The question that grinds our weary minds is which app is best for what you want.Which is in itself is an important step to take before plunging into the digital dating world. ‘Friends’, ‘fun’, ‘long-term relationship’, ‘networking’, or just a cheeky ‘chat’?TEL AVIV GAY VIBE is a collaboration between Israel’s Ministry of Tourism, the Tel Aviv Tourism Board and Israel’s preeminent LGBT institution, the Agudah, to fulfill the city’s promise as the world’s newest gay capital.

Findhrr If you’re looking for a girl in the UK, this is the one to download.

A single gay guy, emotionally and sexually available, is constantly engaged in searching as a normal part of his everyday life.

With Grindr, you can maintain this lifestyle with a single click, anywhere." Grindr was created in Los Angeles by Joel Simkhai and was launched in March 2009.

Navigation is simple and you’ll find all of the features you’d expect on any of the other premium paid apps with lockable photos and search options.

Most of the features normally listed as premium like blocking come standard.

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Grindr uses GPS technology to locate gay men in close proximity to the user, displaying their photos and letting users know how far away their potential partners are located. is 30, works in high-tech and is open about being gay. looked at Grindr, someone wrote to him from a few dozen meters away. "What could actually happen with a guy I met on an i Phone application?

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