Abusers intimidating animals

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Abusers intimidating animals

The Picture of the Psychopathic Female Who Abuses Animals Brenda Spencer, who opened fire at a San Diego school, killing two children and injuring nine others, had repeatedly abused cats and dogs, often by setting their tails on fire.

Animal abuse goes unreported due in large part to confusion and fear on the behalf of those who witness the neglect or mistreatment of animals.In fact, studies of both male and female college students indicate that female animal abusers may, in comparison to men, be more deviant than their nonviolent peers.For example, both male and female animal abusers share criminal thinking patterns (Rules and laws are made for other people; I have my own way of doing things.The Hoarder Run Amok However, there an abuser category that is predominantly female; the animal hoarder.Three fourths of animal hoarders are women, most often over 60 and single.

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Men who abuse the family pet have been reported to use more forms of domestic violence (sexual violence, marital rape, emotional violence, and stalking) and more controlling behaviors, and to be more dangerous, than non-pet-abusing batterers.

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